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Foundational Understanding
Get a solid grounding that's geared to all FAR stakeholders - FHWA, state DOTs, LPAs, A/E firms, and CPAs.

From NHI - Official AASHTO Audit Guide Training Course for State DOTs, CPAs, and A/E Firms

Gain Essential Knowledge for Uniform Interpretation, Consistent Application of FAR in A/E Contracting

Taught by GuideTask Force Members
Learn how to improve audit quality and minimize risk from A/E and State DOT professionals who worked on AASHTO's Audit Guide Task Force.

Hands-On Learning - Actionable Steps
All courses use group discussions, case studies, and assessments to ensure deep understanding.

The Program:
OCT 2-3/ COURSE 1 - FOUNDATION: Indirect Cost Rates: Development
Learn how to apply the AASHTO Audit Guide in the development and administration of A/E consultant direct and indirect costs and rates.
OCT 4-5/ COURSE 2 - ADVANCED: Auditing and Oversight of A/E Consultant Indirect Cost Rates
Review the audit requirements and procedures necessary for compliance with federal regulations and guidance.


Using the AASHTO Audit Guide